TINY GIGANTIC develops strategies with communities organizing for social justice to more safely and freely use the internet to speak out, build power, and dream together.

What We Do

Holistic Organizational Safety

We work with organizations and collectives to develop sustainable digital safety practices and policies and build capacity in knowledge and skills. We are led by your values and vision. We understand that safety and security are personal and political. Tiny Gigantic works with you to ensure that security policies and strategies align with your team, your organizational values, and your mission to build internal safety and security into your ethos and contribute to your larger vision and impact.

Curriculum Development and Training

We work with networks of social justice activists and public institutions to build curriculum and facilitate trainings on issues of digital safety. Our perspective is holistic. Our trainings and workshops are participatory, technical and tactical, centered in practices of self and collective care, and grounded in political education and collective and political strategies to advance internet rights and social media platform accountability.

Imagining Alternatives

We believe in technology that is aligned with the values of social justice movements. We take pleasure in literally breaking things, from evangelistic technology narratives to unsafe internet protocols, and remaking them to envision new futures. We actively seek anyone who wants to play in this way, especially people of color, queer people, youth, and elders.

Who we work with

Organizations and Networks

We work with social justice activists and networks to develop practical holistic digital security and responsible data policies and practices in the U.S. and globally.

Public Institutions

We build the capacity of public institutions and community spaces to be sites of data privacy and security knowledge building and learning.

About Tiny Gigantic

Tiny Gigantic envisions a world where all people are able to fully express themselves without threat of harm, repression, or censorship and where the internet is a site of brave and beautiful expression and collective transformation.

Bex Hong Hurwitz, founding principal, is an enthusiastic breaker and maker of technology for social justice. They see holistic security as one of the many super powers of social justice movements to care for each other, be more sustainable, and stand stronger against injustice. Bex finds strength and joy in queer, Korean, and adoptee communities and draws inspiration and wisdom in working alongside others in linked liberation.